Download Kernel Tuner **root** v4.4.1 apk apk


Application officially supports only HTC EVO 3D GSM/CDMA, however it might also work on other devices

If you install this application on unsupported device and something isn't working don't give bad mark. Send me mail and i will see what i can do

Info for HTC One XL, HTC One S, HTC Evo 4G LTE

There is a problem on some devices that is causing CPU1 settings not to stick. This is a Kernel/ROM issue, not the app

Kernel Tuner
Kernel Tuner


Kernel Tuner is tool for root users to completely customize their device behavior. This is the only application that offers full multi-core control over their devices. It allows users to control each core of their devices independently.

Custom kernel is required. Most of the features will only work on custom kernels. Check your kernel developer to see if feature is supported

List of Features:

  • Multi-Core CPU Handling – Control each CPU Core of your device independently
  • GPU Overclocking – Only Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 and S4 devices appropriate kernel are supported
  • Voltage controll for the CPU
  • View Times CPU was in
  • Profiles
  • Plugin for Tasker/Llama/Locale for changing profile
  • Governor Settings
  • mpdecision
  • thermald
  • Changing Capacitive Buttons Backlight
  • Fastcharge
  • Vsync
  • Notification LED Timeout
  • Sweep2Wake
  • Swap

Permissions[*]Storage(modify/delete SD card content) - used for writing application logs to SD card[*]Your personal information(read sensitive log data) - read system logs for debugging purposes[*]Network communications(full internet access, view network state) - Used for ads[*]System tools(automatically start at boot) - Used to restore application configuration and settings after reboot[*][*]System tools(install shortcuts) - Used for installing Home Screen shortcuts

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